11 Gift Ideas For People Who Want to Change the World

Looking for the perfect gift for the activist in your life? From board games to books and art prints, we’ve got you covered!

Board Games

Who doesn’t love a good game night? Luckily – not every board game has to be about destroying the world or ripping off your friends. These games are about fighting to make the world a better place.

Rise Up: The Game of People & Power

Using cards like “Massive March,” “Protest Song,” and “Building Community,” players  launch a campaign to bring about the change they want to see in the world.

Two versions come in the box: a strategy version for game nights, and a simplified version for young kids and educational settings!

Rise Up is $35. 

Space Cats Fight Fascism

This game is exactly what it sounds like. You play as a band of rebel cats trying to stop fascists from taking over the galaxy!

Space Cats Fight Fascism is $35.

Co-opoly: The Game of Cooperatives

In Co-opoly, players work together to launch a cooperative and strive for economic justice in their community. Everyone wins or loses together!

Co-opoly is $35

Play for Change Games Bundle

Got more than one activist in your life? Get the Play for Change Games Bundle, which has four great games about striving to create change.

Usually $109 dollars all together, save $10 when you buy this bundle of four games. (Rise Up, Co-opoly, Loud & Proud, and Civio).

The Play for Change Games Bundle is $99.

Books for Little Activists

Teach your kids right with these books for the young rabble rousers.

A is for Activist

A is for Activist is an ABC board book for families who want their kids to grow up in a space that is unapologetic about activism, environmental justice, civil rights, LGBTQ rights, and everything else that activists believe in.

A is for Activist is $9

Counting on Community is the follow up to the hit A is for Activist.

Children are encouraged to recognize the value of their community, the joys inherent in healthy eco-friendly activities, and the agency they posses to make change.

Counting on Community is $9

Art Prints

Looking for a gift for the artsy activist in your life? These art prints make rooms brighter and promote causes.

Rise Up Art Print Series: 7 Posters to Inspire Change

These seven beautiful art prints will inspire you as well as your friends, colleagues, and family into action for a better world. They are based on the art for the game Rise Up: The Game of People & Power.

The Rise Up Art Print Series is $15.

10 Reasons Co-ops Rock

10 Reasons Co-ops Rock has a glossy, smooth finish; it is printed on recycled paper by a U.S. worker cooperative; and it is roughly 11 x 17 inches.

10 Reasons Co-ops Rock is $5.

Co-ops Build Series

Cooperatives can change our communities, our lives, and even our society.

The “Co-ops Build” series highlights the transformative powers of cooperation in these three prints.

Co-ops Build Print Series is $10

Stocking Stuffers

Need something small, sweet, and powerful? Check out these two card games.

Loud & Proud: The Social Justice Word Association Game

Players sit in a circle and flip over cards, if the symbol on your card matches another player’s, you face-off, and race to answer each others’ card prompt first.

What ensues is shouting, laughing, high-fives, and the opportunity for important conversations.

Loud & Proud is $22.

CIVIO: A Civil Rights Card Game

CIVIO is a strategy card game that explores the relationship of issues, freedoms, laws, and Supreme Court cases that have both strengthened and reduced civil rights and civil liberties.

CIVIO is $17.

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