We Are The Movement: Hear the Voices of Youth Cooperatives from Around the World

CICOPA, an organization that represents 65,000 cooperatives around the world, has released a short film that amplifies the voices of young cooperators from nine countries. (Including our friends at The Worcester Roots Project in Massachusetts!) In a statement, Manuel Mariscal, President of CICOPA, said that the youth was the future of the co-op movement.

“Young people are the present and future leaders of our cooperative movement; moreover they also hold the tools to transform their reality in a better world. The worker and social cooperatives, as enterprises controlled democratically by their workers, are especially prepared to achieve this goal as they already promote equality, solidarity, social justice: they are present to help us through this change.”

The film, called “Working Together for a Cooperative Future,” spotlights youth from Argentina, Italy, Japan, France, Brazil, Spain, the United States, Poland, and South Africa. CICOPA gives a brief overview of the video –

Among these we meet: Agresta (Spain) a cooperative created by a group of friends after their university studies, specialized in consulting and forestry engineering; AGURIĪN (Japan) a social cooperative that produces renewable energy from used cooking oil, and that integrates young people with psychological problems and Ugu Coop Produce (South Africa), a cooperative that works in the agricultural sector, in the Natal region, and produces organic vegetables.

The best part? You can watch it for free! Check out the film below.

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