Open for submissions: publishing new board games and card games about changing the world

For over 10 years, we at The TESA Collective have been proud to lead the development and publishing of tabletop board and card games that are about changing the world. We even walk the walk by having our games manufactured ethically and sustainably.

During this past decade, we have internally designed the games that we then publish. Our games have been played in over 30 countries by hundreds of thousands of people. And though we still plan to make games in house, we also want to begin to branch out and publish games about changing the world from other voices and perspectives. So we are excited to announce that we are now open to submissions for people who are interested in having their games published by The TESA Collective!

To submit a game to us for consideration, please fill out the form below. 

This is the form to fill out! If you have files for the game (such as cards, rulebook, board, etc.), please share them in that form.

Though not required, any of the following items you can provide would also be helpful in your submission form: PDFs of the game rules and components, a video of the game being played; a link to the game on a platform such as Tabletop Simulator; and/or a video of at least a partial playthrough. There will be a section in the form to enter these items. Again, they are not required, but they could be helpful.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Please read: What we are and are not looking for

Here’s what we’re looking for: Board and card games that address an issue – such as nature and environmentalism, social justice/social change matters, historical events, building people’s power, climate change, and other important issues. The issue your game addresses can be big (like stopping climate change) or small (like growing a community garden) or anywhere in between. In summary, we are looking for games with a strong theme and a message about making the world a better place, in either a big or small way. 

  • The game you pitch to us can be literal, but it does not have to be literal. Allegories or addressing important topics in fantastical settings is just fine. For instance, our games Space Cats Fight Fascism and STRIKE! The Game of Worker Rebellion both do this. Either approach – literal or fantastical representation of the theme – is fine, as long as the game is about something
  • We are primarily looking for games that would be exciting to be played during game nights with friends and family. 
  • Your game doesn’t have to be finished for you to pitch it to us, but you should have a playable demo that you feel good about – even if it will still need some fine tuning. Part of our responsibility is to help get the game to the finish line. We would prefer if you have at least some minimal graphic design and placeholder art (do not commission final artwork, that would be our responsibility) to help us when we play the game. But if we sign the game, it is our responsibility to make the game beautiful and ready for print.  
  • We’re not looking for pitches that are just an idea you have for a game. (If you want us to develop a game for your organization, however, that’s a service we offer.) We are looking for games that have been created and playtested already (even if they are not 100% done).
  • We prefer games that are accessible. They don’t have to be super easy to learn, but we’re not looking for incredibly complex games that take an hour to learn and 4 – 5 hours to play.  
  • We are looking to work with people who are open to collaboration. We may have some gameplay improvement suggestions as well as other ideas for marketability purposes. While we will not steamroll your vision, we want to make sure folks we work with are open to suggestions. 
  • Though not a requirement, we have a preference for games that have a hopeful message. 
  • We are open to both cooperative and competitive games.

What happens after you submit?

If we like your submission, we will contact you usually within a few weeks to set up a time to talk as well as to further see the game in action (such as receiving a prototype of the game or a video playthrough). If we don’t think it’s a good fit for us, we will still let you know, and be very appreciative for you taking the time to submit your game to us. 

If we choose to move forward with your game, we will make an offer to you to acquire the rights to publish the game.

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