USFWC Racial & Economic Justice Council Endorses 3 Outstanding Social Movements

TESA Collective is proud to be a member of the U.S. Federation of Worker Cooperatives for many reasons, and their recent formation of a Racial & Economic Justice Council is one of them. Among the first achievements from the council is an endorsement for 3 of recent history’s most important social movements including:

More from the statement below:

Cooperatives, in intersectional partnership with other freedom movements, are powerful agents of change. Co-operatives offer a model of community-centered business that can exist inside and outside of capitalism. The theme of our time is a transition from destructive, objectifying and dehumanizing “power over” another dynamics to a “power in cooperation with” model which seeks to create a holistic, life-affirming future. We are learning together how to build new models as we deconstruct the old.


Here’s one idea:

Get your entire co-op or organization to text Vision to 90975 and hashtag images of your support at #Vision4BlackLives

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