The Many Sides of Co-opoly

Recently, we’ve gotten several great notes of support for Co-opoly: The Game of Cooperatives, and we wanted to share a couple that people emailed us after receiving and playing the game. We so appreciate hearing from people—whether through emails, tweets, or Facebook messages. Responses like these inspire us to keep working as hard as we can to support the co-op movement, make more fun resources, and build our way to a more just and equitable society.

Co-opoly Night

Jonathan McCullum wrote us to say:

Co-opoly arrived last night and below are a few pictures from our first experience. We all want to thank you for the hard work that went into building such as an awesome and fun game. We had a blast last night! What I found to be most exciting was coming up with a fair way to come to decisions about spending resources. What we decided to do was explain the consequences, do an initial vote, either thumbs up or thumbs down, before any opinions were expressed. This helped remove any peer pressure, then we expressed our opinions, and finally we did a secondary vote based on majority (we weren’t sure if consensus was going to work). A lot of really constructive energy came out of playing Co-opoly. Thanks again!


Cris Monteiro of the People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture in Rhode Island told us:

After getting our staff together to play a game of Co-opoly, there was a palpable difference in our connections. One of the reasons we wanted to play the game was to begin a discussion about becoming a worker-owned business. We already have a really great, tight-knit crew that works well together, but playing the game was a really effective tool for showing us that we could navigate running a business together, whilst having in our hearts a true concern for each other’s well being and individual situations, and for the business itself. The game was effective in getting us to consider risks, sacrifices, and future plans for the business, and for ourselves, and each other. It showed us the ways that we are already collaborating, and made us aware of what it takes to bring that collaboration to a new level. I would recommend (and have recommended) this game to any group looking to build connections with one another.

You can learn more about and purchase Co-opoly here!

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