The Future of TESA’s Games for Changing the World

Hello friends!

This holiday season has been a whirlwind. But our biggest wish is that you stay safe and healthy. So please: wear a mask and don’t take any risks that you don’t need to take. We’re all in this together. 

With that said, we are still shipping for the holidays. You can get our games for changing the world for your friends and loved ones, delivered directly to their doorstep! From Space Cats Fight Fascism to STRIKE! The Game of Worker Rebellion, Rise Up: The Game of People & Power, and more – our games make a great gift for the activists and change-makers in your life who are also staying inside for the winter with their family and/or roommates! 

And with that in mind, we also have some big updates about the future (and present!) about TESA’s board games. Check it out below! 

Joining the TESA family of games immediately: Good Dog, Bad Zombie

This one may seem like a little out of left field, but we like to keep things interesting. TESA’s head of games, Brian Van Slyke, previously published his game Good Dog, Bad Zombie with another publisher (Make Big Things) – but now TESA has acquired the rights to the game! We’re so excited to bring it into our family of games: it’s really a love letter to the pets who make our lives more whole. Plus, we’re a worker-owned cooperative, so we’re our own bosses – and we can experiment with things 🙂 

DESCRIPTION: Bark, sniff, and lick your way through the apocalypse to save the hoomans you love! Good Dog, Bad Zombie is a cooperative board game where everyone plays together as a heroic dog pack. Together, you’ll explore a post-apocalyptic city while sniffing out scents, barking at the undead, and herding hoomans to safety.

You can even play the game as your own dog with a custom card creator! Good Dog, Bad Zombie is available now! It also has two expansions available: Weird Smells and Unlikely Allies.

Back in stock and shipping starting Monday after two years of being out of print – Loud & Proud: The Social Justice Word Game

Loud & Proud is back by popular demand, and it will begin shipping on Monday. Loud & Proud is our simple yet addictive social justice word game. It makes a great stocking stuffer, and we’ve completely updated the graphic design of the game. Two years is also a long time (especially these days), so we’ve also updated over 40 cards in the game! 

DESCRIPTION: The gameplay is easy and quick. Players sit in a circle and flip over cards, if the symbol on your card matches another player’s, you face-off, and race to answer each others’ card prompt first. Your card might say “Civil Rights Leader,” and their card might say “Renewable Energy”—the first player to correctly answer the other player’s prompt (“SOLAR POWER!”) wins their card.

Coming end of December or Start of January – Game Changer: The Game of Activist Tactics (available for pre-order now) 

Earlier this year, we teamed up with the incredible folks at the Center for Story-Based Strategy and activist/educator Felicia Perez to design Game Changer: The Game of Activist Tactics. Think Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity – but for activists and about fighting for a better world. Plus, it’s got a twist that none of those games have – the Game Changer cards that keep things fresh and unpredictable! The collaboration was so much fun, and we’re so excited with how the game came out.

DESCRIPTION: Game Changer is a fun, funny, and fast card game about and for direct action organizing that engages players’ radical imagination. Each round, one player is the Decider, and the other players must try to convince them that their protest tactic is the best one for the situation. But watch out for the Game Changer cards, which – well – change the game! It only takes a minute or two to learn.

Unlike the rest of our games, Game Changer won’t ship in time for the holidays because it’s a pre-order item. However, if you order it now, you’ll receive a graphic that you can send to anyone you want to give it to as a gift to let them know it’s coming soon! 

Coming mid-2021 – Sustainable City: The Game of Climate Solutions

We’ve talked about this before, but we’re thrilled to share that it’s official. Sustainable City is coming mid-2021! 

Sustainable City will be a strategic and cooperative game about building the climate justice movement. We’ve begun collaborating with climate-focused organizations and experts around the country, and we’re ecstatic to be bringing in their expertise and guidance. We’ve long wanted to make a climate-focused game, but, to be honest, the topic has felt daunting – how do we make a game about climate change that is fun and exciting? Through our conversations with these experts and organizations, we’ve begun focusing on climate justice and solutions – and to us, this was the perfect way to frame it. We want our players to of course have fun, but also to feel emboldened to take action while being excited to do so. 

We’ll be sharing more about who we’re working with and what these conversations look like after the start of the new year. But for now, we’re pumped to share that things are official!

The above is our current release schedule, but we’ve got other game ideas brewing that could possibly come to fruition. Some of these include:

  • An expansion to STRIKE! The Game of Worker Rebellion
  • A sequel to Good Dog, Bad Zombie (Good Dog, Bad Alien???) 
  • The concept of producing more, smaller games that are quick to develop as well as learn and play
  • And more!

Not every idea will necessarily come to life, but we’re always experimenting and working on building this collection of games that allow people to play their way to a better world. Thanks for being our partners and community in that journey!

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