The Essential #ShopCoop Holiday Guide

Holiday-GuideFor the last couple of years we have been putting together an ethical, co-op shopping guide for the holidays. Below is this year’s awesome co-op holiday gifts list for those who want inject a little justice into their festivities.

Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t also give a shout out to our own Co-opoly: The Game of Cooperatives, or our new fast-paced card game Loud & Proud! And there is so much more in our store, along with some great holiday deals.

Sweets, Treats, and Baked Goods
Equal Exchange: Fair trade chocolates, coffee, tea, candy bars, oh my!
Cabot Creamery: Want some cooperative cheese with that wine?
Chicago Honey Co-op: For the sweet ones in your life
Pachamama Coffee Cooperative: Coffee with a cause
Camino: Chocolate with a cause
Once Again Nut Butter: So many kinds of butter you might go nuts

Beauty Products
Co-op 108: Beauty products that are good for you and the earth!
: Getting clean, the cooperative way.

Books, Games, Gifts
AK Press: Revolution by book, and they mean it! (Buy one, get one half off!)
PM Press: A self-described “merry cast of malcontents” (50% off of pretty much everything!)
Food For Thought Books: Ship books anywhere from their online store!
Bluestockings Books: One of NYC’s most famous book stores
Firestorm Cafe & Books: A firestorm on each page
Fedco Seeds: Sustainable seeds, sustainable business model
Just Seeds: Social justice posters, shirts, and other goodies

The Green Mountain Spinnery: They always spin a gem

Baltimore Bicycle Works: You know, bikes, in Baltimore
Box Dog Bikes: A worker co-op bike shop in San Francisco, ships anywhere
REI: Hike the mountain of holiday gift ideas with their sporty offerings
Broadway Bicycle School: Expert bikes for all people

Holiday Meals
Artisan Beverage Cooperative: All your funky beverage needs under one cooperative roof
Your Local Food Co-op (search here: find.coop): Live and love locally by enjoying all your neighborhood co-op has to offer
Valley Green Feast: Local farms, food to your doorstep all year long
Red Rabbit Cooperative Bakery: Vegan donuts by a worker-owned cooperative. Our mouths are watering already.


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