Testimonial: "TESA's assistance was invaluable"

Brian and Andrew Brian and Andrew working on curriculum

We just received a testimonial from Jenny Glazer, Cooperative Development Institute intern and former worker-owner at Rainbow Grocery:

I was overwhelmed to the point of paralysis while trying to create a workshop on cooperative personnel issues. TESA members gently helped me narrow my focus into more manageable topics, and then encouraged me to develop and expand my ideas within those topics. They showed me many examples of ways I might structure the end product, offered regular check-ins about my progress, and gave detailed suggestions about how to make things more clear, realistic, useful, and interactive during every step of the process. They were supportive, professional, and clearly knowledgeable about effective ways to communicate and teach. I began with a giant, didactic, linear mess and worked my way to a clear, interactive, highly organized and user-friendly workshop. TESA’s assistance was invaluable, and I’m now very curious about what else they might have to teach me.

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