June 8, 2020

STRIKE! – Custom Character Creator

Welcome to the custom character creator for STRIKE! The Game of Worker Rebellion. You can use this tool to create your own playable character or characters for STRIKE! The tool is completely free to use, and you can use it as many times as you like. You just have to print the characters out yourself! You can make yourself, your friends, family members, or even pets into playable strikers to lead the worker rebellion against HappyCorp! Immediately below is the tool itself, and below that is a guide on how to use the tool.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We highly recommend using this tool on a desktop, laptop, or tablet. The tool will be too small to use easily on a phone.

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How to Use The Custom Character Creator

Step 1: Click on the “Enter Name” field. Fill out the name of your character.

Step 2: Click the “occupation” field and write anything you want. This is purely cosmetic and has no impact on the game.

Step 3: Click the location dropdown button (it is default set to Airport). The location you choose will change your background and will also change your character stats (Grow Ranks, Mobilize, Draw, and Disassemble). It will also change your power effects.

Step 4: Upload the photo you want to represent your character.

Step 5: Click on both “Name your power” fields and write a title for them. It is often thematically fun to make these coincide with your occupation title, but that is not required.

Step 6: Review everything, change anything you want, and then click on the “Download PDF” button just below the custom character tool. This will download a PDF to your computer based on what you created. You may repeat this process as many times as you choose, but there is no way to save your progress other than to not close the tab.

Step 7: Print the customized strike character out and take on HappyCorp!

The Custom Striker tool was created by full stack developer Jason Woofenden! You can hire him to make your stuff here.

Notice any bugs or problems with the editor? Send us an email (screenshots help if possible): contact AT tesacollective DOT com

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