December 23, 2018

Space Cats Fight Fascism Rules FAQ & Video Rulebook

Watch the how to play video for Space Cats Fight Fascism below!

Frequently asked questions about the rules

1) QUESTION: Is there any way to discard cards that are in your hand?

  • ANSWER: No. The only way to get rid of cards in your hand is to play them, or for a Galactic News Card to tell you that you have to discard Resist cards from your hand.

2) QUESTION: What happens if we have all of the Liberation cubes on the board already, and we play another card to add liberation cubes?

  • ANSWER: If all Liberation cubes are on the board, and you haven’t won the game, you may still play cards that add liberation cubes to the board. In this case, move a Liberation cube you already have on one planet to the planet where you are now adding the new Liberation cubes.

3) QUESTION: Can you use the Teleport ability to arrive on the same planet?

  • ANSWER: No. When you teleport, you must travel to a new planet.

4) QUESTION (for the first edition only): What does the rulebook mean when it says, “Players may share their cards with each other throughout the game”? (Page 5 of the rulebook.) 

  • ANSWER: This does not mean you may give each other cards in your hand or play cards from another players’ hand. This is meant for the game set up only. You may show each other what cards are in your hand. But every player only has control over the cards that are in their hand.

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