Social Justice Meets Fast-Paced Card Game: Loud & Proud!


We’ve criss-crossed the states and what we’ve found is that learning and fun don’t have to be at odds. People often think they do—learning is so serious, fun is so…not. But at the Toolbox for Education and Social Action we believe that to learn successfully, you should be having fun while you’re doing it.

Voilà, our newest game: Loud & Proud, the fast-paced, social-justice themed trivia card game!

Only $14-24 at our store—buy your copy today, and don’t forget to add one on for your radical-loving friend!

Why a Card Game?

Since making Co-opoly a couple of years ago, we’ve been working on a number of games for our faithful activist followers. As designers and avid game players ourselves, we wanted to create something that was different from Co-opoly in terms of gameplay, yet still strike a balance between education and fun that made Co-opoly such a huge success.

Thus, we looked to card games, as they offer fast gameplay, constant playability, lots of variety, and a low purchasing cost for our supporters. After watching hundreds of games of Co-opoly it also became quite clear to us that the soul of the game is in player interactions, and a lot of the “gamey” fun came from the mini games that are embedded in the gameplay. So we wanted to capture those essential elements and keep a social justice theme.

Justice + Social with a Twist

Loud & Proud is simple to learn, a blast to play over and over again, and refreshingly educational. While playing you’ll learn from your opponents’ answers, and have a chance to show off how many suffragettes or twentieth-century inventions you know.

We put the cheekiness into social justice ed—our game is the perfect balance of being raucously fun and educational. Along the way you’ll learn more about the many issues covered and get to know your fellow players better.

And like all of our other products, Loud & Proud is made locally, ethically, and sustainably. How’s that for feel good?

Who’s It For?

Loud & Proud is a great game for 3 – 6 players, and we made it to be easily transportable (via hands, large pockets, bags).

Want to get a quick 20-minute game in while waiting for a rally to start? Not a problem.

Want to have an hourlong get-to-know-you session with other organizers and activists? Skip the awkward ice breakers and play Loud & Proud instead.

Want to have a fun night of laughing, shouting, and high-fives with friends and family? Yup, Loud & Proud fits the bill.

Take it to a protest, show it off at community events, use it to teach your young ones about progressive causes, and break it out at your radical friend’s game night!


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