Share Your Co-op Pride this Holiday Season

Thanks to your support, we have many new products available just in time for the holidays!

Over the past year, your contributions have been priceless, your support has been deeply meaningful, and we have a brand new, reduced-price second edition of Co-opoly to show for it! We have expanded the game to include a Party & Community Kit, as well as an Education Kit to help you get the most out of it every time you play. We also have t-shirts based on our popular Truthout article, “Corporations Cause The Problems, Cooperatives Create The Solutions,” new “10 Reasons Co-ops Rock” banners, books, and more!

Show Off Your Co-op Pride!

Tell the world about the difference that co-ops can make with this ethically made shirt with one of our favorite slogans. The front reads “Corporations cause the problems,” and on the back is “Cooperatives create the solutions.”

Sliding scale: $18-26 – Buy Now


Co-opoly: The Game of Cooperatives

The new edition of Co-opoly costs less and is more compact, and yet is still 100% ethically produced and packed with fun. We have dropped the price by 27% and are taking pre-orders now. The new games will ship after December 7th, in time for the holidays.

Sliding scale: $28-55 – Buy Now


Co-opoly Party & Community Kit

Bring your community together with Co-opoly’s party kit! The Official Co-opoly Party and Community Kit includes suggestions about where to play Co-opoly, and how to have democratic discussions whatever the setting. There are also questions about gameplay to keep the conversation flowing, as well as recipes that will keep you full and satisfied.

Sliding scale: $7-13 – Buy Now


10 Reasons Co-ops Rock Poster

Do you think co-ops rock? So do we! Our poster shows off the top reasons it’s great to be in a co-op, from supporting a local economy to workplace democracy. Cooperators and allies everywhere love this beautifully designed, information-rich poster!

Sliding scale: $5-10 – Buy Now



Co-opoly Education Kit

Guide players through gameplay and make your conversations deeper and more democratic with these educational resources, including several workshops, discussion prompts, suggestions for class projects, and printed materials. All of these are designed to be implemented alongside Co-opoly, for use wherever learning happens: in schools, at home, or during a meeting.

Sliding scale: $12-18 – Buy Now


Co-op: Made in the USA

This pamphlet offers a snapshot of the co-op movement, with historical contexts and examples, as well as profiles of contemporary cooperators. In 64 informative pages, author Enrico Massetti gives us a sense of where we are now, evinces the difference co-ops can make, and makes the case for building a solidarity economy.

Sliding scale: $6-12 – Buy Now


10 Reasons Banner

Hang up a 3’x4′ banner printed with our 10 Reasons Co-ops Rock design and tell the world what a difference your co-op is making.

Sliding scale: $50-100 – Buy Now




Co-opoly Workshops

Choose a two-hour, four-hour, or daylong Co-opoly workshop custom-designed by TESA for your organization. We will help you make use of Co-opoly: The Game of Cooperatives in a session that we design and build together. With your input, TESA will tailor the workshop to suit the needs of your organization.

$75-300 – Buy Now

Contribute to the Co-opoly Fund

Our Co-opoly fund raises money to give copies of the game away for free to organizations doing excellent and under-funded work. Contributions directly benefit the organizations that receive the game, and help to further the co-op movement.

Contribute or read more about the fund


Support Our Work

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