Our small act of solidarity: Half off our games for changing the world

Dear friends,

We know the coming days and weeks will be hard for many as they are stuck at home, as well as for those whose work life is disrupted and whose income will be negatively impacted. This is sure to be a time when people are understandably worried for themselves and their loved ones, while also becoming restless.  

As an act of solidarity, we are making most of our games in our store up to half off, and all are discounted.

We want to be upfront and clear: we are not looking to profit off of this terrible situation. That is why we are offering most of our games for half off, which is just enough to cover our expenses (manufacturing, assembly, warehousing, and so forth). This is a small act of solidarity that we can offer to try to help people stay entertained, hopeful, and present with each other during this tough time, and while many of us are stuck at home. And we hope that the half-off discount can help people who are worried about how this pandemic will impact them financially.

At TESA, all of our games are about envisioning a better world. Our goal is to merge cause and play, and is to use our games as a medium for encouraging people to have fun while seeing themselves as the agents of change this world so desperately needs.

  • But if you feel the need to escape this world for a little bit, then travel the galaxy in Space Cats Fight Fascism. This a great for households or roommates with 2 – 4 players that want to stop the rise of the authoritarian Rat Pack and fight for a galaxy where all species can be free. Space Cats Fight Fascism is half off.
  • If you want to keep up the conversation about how we can build people power for a more just, equitable, and free society – then Rise Up: The Game of People & Power (2 – 5 players) is for you. With two versions that come in the box, one for strategy game players and one for less experienced game players/kids, this game is perfect for any social justice home. Rise Up is half off.
  • If you want to use this time to explore concepts of mutual aid and cooperation, then Co-opoly: The Game of Cooperatives (3 – 6 players) is for you. Co-opoly is an easy to learn, family-friendly game perfect for ages eight and up. Co-opoly is half off.
  • If you want to explore concepts of building worker power, and an economy and city that benefits working people, then STRIKE! The Game of Worker Rebellion (2 – 4 players) is for you. Because STRIKE! is currently in production and on pre-order, we can only offer it for $5 off. Please note that it will ship when we have it in stock in the upcoming weeks, while our other games can ship immediately.  

We hope our games can help you, your friends, and your communities find resilience and solace in the weeks ahead. We welcome you to pass this offer on to anyone you think would find it helpful. We do not have a set timeline for offering this discount, and we will do so for as long as it helping people and we can afford to do so.

In solidarity,

The TESA Collective

A note: A few games in our store, which we are distributing but not the publishers of, are not half off because we do not have permission to do so. We have those on a minor discount.

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