New testimonial: Co-opoly "is truly unique"

We’ve got a great new testimonial from Rebekah Hanlon, a worker-owner at the very wonderful Valley Green Feast workers’ collective, about Co-opoly: The Game of Cooperatives. Check out what she has to say below about how awesome Co-opoly is and then, if you’re in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts, check out her collective’s site here!

For someone who isn’t terribly competitive, Co-opoly offered the perfect solution to all of those head to head board games. Instead of expending extra energy to try and outsmart my friends, I got to take part in a process that engaged everyone equally, highlighted the teams strengths and got us thinking in new ways. I was impressed with Co-opoly’s ability to create intelligent dialogue within the group one minute and in the next challenge us to act out the word ‘fuzzy’. Co-opoly the board game is accessible, educational, hilarious and truly unique, never have I played such a well rounded game!

You can purchase Co-opoly by visiting our store.

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