Let's Co-op! Encouraging Workplace Democracy in South Korea

Co-opoly teaches the essential cooperative skills needed for a successful democratic workplace. Our friends at Actus saw the value of our game right away and began adapting it for use in South Korea. We’re very excited to announce that they have licensed and produced a localized edition of Co-opoly called Let’s Co-op!


Actus is a pioneering South Korean IT firm that is one of that country’s first high-profile companies to transition from a traditional ownership model under a new law defining cooperative businesses. Their leadership is impressive, and we’re certain that Let’s Co-op will help democratize other businesses looking to follow their model.


The changes that Actus made to the game are extensive and we encouraged them to adapt the game to their context. The name change accompanies a new layout for the game, complete with different characters and new scenarios that match South Korea’s emerging co-op environment. We designed Co-opoly with changes like these in mind; democratic education is a process that is tailored to the learner, and we always customize our resources to our partners’ needs.


Co-opoly is making a difference around the world and we couldn’t be happier. Thank you, Actus!

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