Launching Co-opoly 2.0: Supporting the Second Pressing Comes with Great Rewards

Do you know of an organization that is a natural fit with Co-opoly? Then we’d love your help: We are raising funds to print the second edition of our independent board game and seeking support from co-ops and allied organizations!

The good news is that this past year has been fantastic for Co-opoly. We’ve sold nearly 1,000 copies to people in 20 countries around the world. That we have nearly sold out of Co-opoly in almost a year surpassed our wildest expectations.

This good news brings with it the necessity of printing the second round of our game. We also wanted to build on what we’ve learned this last year to make the game smaller, create additional learning tools to go with it, and make it more financially accessible to individuals and communities.

At the same time, we’ve decided to print 2,000 copies–twice as many as last year. Given the average number of people who will play each copy of Co-opoly, this will allow us to reach thousands of people. We have brainstormed ways to cut down production expenses without sacrificing quality or our commitment to ethics and sustainability. All of the game components will still be American-made, still come from sustainable resources, and still be created by other co-ops or ethical businesses.

Download the Co-opoly Funding Information Kit

Which brings us to fundraising–there is simply no way we could do this without support. So we’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign and are reaching out to co-ops and allied organizations to seek their tax-deductible contributions to ensure Co-opoly continues to be a powerful resource for economic education and change. In return for their generosity, we’re offering an array of swag, from copies of the game and our “10 Reasons Co-ops Rock” poster to promotion of their organization, being featured in the gameplay, and much more.

If you know of an organization that might be interested in supporting our project, please send them to our fundraising webpage for more details, give them a copy of the info kit (at left), or get in touch with us at contact AT toolboxfored DOT org.

Individuals are also more than welcome to contribute. The benefits for contributing, and their corresponding fiscal levels, will be exactly the same as they were last year (we will provide a link to view these in the coming days). The only difference between this round of fundraising and the last, and it is a big one, is that all donations will be tax deductible.

All contributions to Co-opoly are tax deductible!

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