Launch of the Tech Co-op Collective

IMG_1257This week I wrote a piece for FastCompany, focusing on the rise of worker-owned businesses in an industry where the expected norm is IPOs, stock options, catered lunches, and all sorts of “benefits” short of democracy and equality: The Argument for Worker-Owned Tech Collectives.

The piece took off, being one of the most popular articles in FastCompany’s Co.LABS blog for the week. The response was very warm and there has been much discussion on social media about the model in both co-op and technology circles.

What’s your take? Can the ideas of equality and mutual-aid that worker-owned businesses offer match the glamor of catered lunches and stock options offered by major tech corporations? What about workers in the tech field who are overworked, exploited, or looked down on—how could the co-op model benefit them? Share your thoughts below.

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