Kranti, Working with Girls Rescued from Sex Work, Receives Free Copy of Co-opoly; Help Us Continue Providing Free Copies

Hey Co-opoly fans, did you know that we have a fund you can contribute to so that we can provide Co-opoly for free or cheap to organizations around the world doing important work for advancing social and economic justice?

The first organization that we have sent a free copy off to is “Kranti,” based in India. Their mission is as follows:

Kranti puts the life choices of girls rescued from sex work back into their hands. At Kranti, we let the girls choose their career goals and provide them with the resources to achieve those goals.

The girls that come out of Kranti are therefore empowered by making the decisions for their own lives, successful professional women who are able to contribute to the economy and society.

Looking at these successful women, society will learn to value women for their capabilities and intellects and not just their bodies.

We truly hope that Kranti will find Co-opoly to be a powerful resource in striving to improve the lives of the girls and young women that are part of their program. Go to their website to learn more.

However, this was only made possible because people like you contributed to the fund. If you’d like to help us keep sharing Co-opoly for free with more organizations around the world, please consider making a contribution.

Already we’ve raised a few hundred dollars, which is a great start, and will allow us to send more Co-opoly‘s to organizations making an impact locally and globally. If you know of another organization that might be interested in receiving a free copy of Co-opoly to advance their mission, get in touch with us!

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