Interactive Education in Action

WRL Flyer

We’re excited to share that we’ve been working with the War Resisters League to develop workshops for their 90th Anniversary Conference, Revolutionary Nonviolence: Building Bridges Across Generations and Communities, which is happening August 1-4 in Washington, DC.

This event will be a fantastic opportunity for activists to conspire together about radical nonviolent action and social change.

Our workshops will also be tied into WRL’s campaign to stop the use of tear gas and chemical weapons around the world. We are psyched to use interactive education practices—democratic, participatory, dynamic techniques—to support this great organization and their important causes.

As we say in our mission statement, we believe in making all aspects of our lives more democratic—this starts with education, because the way people are educated influences their behavior. To make sustainable change, we believe it’s vital to use cooperative, democratic education techniques when teaching about important social justice issues.

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