How We Built an Online Cooperative Educational Video Library with NASCO

TESA worked with the North American Students for Cooperation to build a free online video series that focuses on cooperative education on topics ranging from the Fair Housing Act to democratic meeting facilitation skills.

Behind the Project

Challenges Faced


North American Students for Cooperation

After receiving a grant from the CHS Foundation to create a free educational video series on cooperatives and co-op skills, NASCO approached TESA to help them to help build their video resource library.  NASCO wanted to make a video series that would be useful for the wide range of their constituents, from student housing co-ops to young cooperators in general, no matter what the sector. As we live in the age of social media and viral videos, NASCO wanted the videos to be short, accessible, and delivered by co-op professionals from across the country. Ideally, these videos would be based off of presentations or talks done in conferences, so that there would be visual aides and interactive elements, as opposed to just having a talking head. The goal was to create 30-40 videos, some only a couple minutes long, and others part of multi-video segments that could be multiple hours in total. TESA collaborated both with NASCO as well as with cooperators from around the country to arrange these presentations, record the videos, and then edit them into easily digestible content. Now, NASCO a wealth of educational cooperative videos to share both with their community and the co-op movement at large.

How TESA Helped

Working closely with NASCO, TESA helped to carry out all phases of the project.  First, TESA drafted ideas for potential presentation topics, and then began outreach to gather potential partners and presenters. Once the outreach stage was over, and scheduling was complete, TESA met with instructors, reviewed presentations, strategized on delivery techniques, recorded the project’s many videos, and helped edit them into accessible instructional content.

What would you say to others about TESA?

I have had the pleasure of collaborating with TESA on several projects over the course of the last couple years, and I have continually found them to be an utter delight to work with. Their commitment to social and economic justice, their passion for participatory and democratic education, and their overall integrity set them apart from many other educators and consultants. I look forward to continuing to partner with this lovely worker cooperative for years to come.
– Morgan Crawford, Director of Education, North American Students of Cooperation (NASCO)

A Note from TESA

TESA and NASCO have formed an excellent working relationship over the years, and it was a real joy to work on this project with them.  Like most of our projects related to cooperative education, we got to learn so much while we worked on this project. There is nothing quite like doing work that you know will prove to be an asset for years to come.

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