Half off our games for changing the world this week! PLUS: Announcing our future games!

It’s officially fall! Temperatures are cooling, leaves are changing color, and a lot of us are going to start spending more time inside.

So in light of the growing need for fun things to do at home, we’re excited to let you all know we’ve got a big sale starting from today and going through Friday, October 29th, 2021! All of our games are half off!

If you’re looking to play some board games while the temperature is dropping, or even if you’re looking to get a head start on your holiday gift list for the activists in your life, this is a perfect opportunity.

What’s more is that if you scroll down below the information about our sale, we’ve got some BIG announcements about our upcoming games for changing the world that we plan to release in 2022 and 2023! 

TESA’s Half-off Sale

To usher in autumn in what has continued to be These Troubling Times, we would like to announce a week long half off sale! From now through Friday October 29, we have made our games about changing the world available for 50% off the regularly-listed price.

There’s something for everyone who embraces the spirit of activism but also seeks to have fun while flexing their creativity.

  • Space Cats Fight Fascism– Take on the role of rebel cats fighting against the rise of fascist rats attempting to take over the galaxy. Space Cats Fight Fascism is only $20. (Normally $40.)
  • Rise Up: The Game of People & Power– This story-driven game helps players develop their teamwork to build movements to advocate for change is now available for $22.50. (Normally $45.)
  • STRIKE! The Game of Worker Rebellion– Strategize together to harness the collective power of workers and take on an evil mega corporation. STRIKE! is now available for $25. (Normally $50.)
  • Game Changer: The Game of Activist Tactics– The game that engages players’ radical imaginations and enables them to see themselves as direct action changemakers. This fast, fun card game is now available for $20. (Normally $40.)
  • Loud & Proud– Laugh and shout with this easy-to-learn social justice word association game. Currently only $17.50. (Normally $35.)
  • Good Dog, Bad Zombie– A hilarious and strategic game where players take on the role of dogs saving hoomans from the zombie apocalypse, currently only $22.50. (Normally $45.)
  • Co-opoly: The Game of CooperativesCurrently on pre-order! Players work together to build a cooperative economy within your community. Currently $25.

Take a look at all of our games here. The current half-off sale runs from now through Friday, October 29!

Announcing Our Future Games And Our New Release Strategy

In addition to our current sale, we at the TESA Collective are keeping ourselves committed to a productive year for game development.

One thing we’ve consistently heard from you all is that you’d like more games from us! So we’ve put a plan in place to develop 2 to 4 games a year going forward.

Take a look at what’s coming soon, in 2022 and 2023!

  • Sustainable City: A game that encourages players to fight climate change and promote sustainability. We’ve teamed up with Project Drawdown, FBX Climate Advocates, and Train Technologies to develop this game. We’ve also tapped the awesome game designers at Quillsilver Studios to lead the original design of this game, and we are excited to collaborate with them. 
  • Disarm the Base: A game about non-violent resistance to militarism. We are excited to partner with Dissent Games to make some updates and then re-release their original UK release of this game.
  • Plastic Currents: We are also teaming up with Dissent Games to make a wholly original game about fighting plastic pollution in the world’s oceans. 
  • Smalltown: A game about saving small towns from depopulation through the development of regenerative economics and community building efforts. We’re teaming up with creator Mondo Davis to make his original vision for this game a reality.
  • A People’s History of the United States: We’re excited to announce that we have reached an agreement with Howard Zinn’s trust to develop and publish the official board game adaptation of A People’s History of the United States. This book has been such a big influence on us – and so many others! This is a long time dream come true, and we can’t wait to develop this game.

And stay tuned for even more future announcements! We have several additional games in the works that we’re excited to share, but we’re saving some of our game announcements and collaborations for future news.

Until then, we welcome you to take advantage of this week’s half off sale for early holiday gifts, to play while the leaves fall, or to forward on to any friends and family you think would want to get their hands on our games!

In solidarity,

The TESA Collective

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