Got Curriculum?

TESA is excited to announce that we’ve launched a series of new educational resources. On a regular baThanks to Labor Curriculumsis, we will be releasing new free educational materials that you can use in schools, universities, activist spaces, co-ops, and nonprofits. Our materials will center on a different topic every four to six weeks, leading up to the release of an entire new curriculum or set of resources that can be purchased.

We got the idea for this series from our work with the War Resister’s League in April. In collaboration with them, we created a series of anti-war resources, which we released April 15. We had such a good time on this project, that we decided to keep making practical and fun resources on the topics that matter most to us.

In honor of Labor History Month this May, we decided to start this series with labor. You can make your own flyer to post at a rally, protest, or just around town about what labor has done for people. Or read our introduction to sweatshops or our lesson plan on supply chains. You can download all of these free resources and more from our “Free Resources & Curriculum” page.

Keep your eye on our website, like us on Facebook page, or follow us on Twitter to stay up to date on the latest materials!

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