TESA is giving away over 100 free copies of Co-opoly to Youth Groups and Co-op Developers

Thanks to our grant from the CHS Foundation, Inc., we’re giving away over 100 free copies of our game Co-opoly: The Game of Cooperatives to groups working with youth as well as cooperative development organizations around the United States!

All it takes to receive these games is to fill out this brief and easy application – either at this link or at the bottom of this page. The due date for the application is November 18th. However, this is first come, first serve, and we’ll go until we run out of games to give away – so the earlier you complete the form, the better!

With this initiative, you can receive the following:

  • 1 to 10 free copies of Co-opoly. Each copy is usually $35. (You request the number you want to receive.)
  • An education kit that can help you put these games into action for years into the future. There are two kits: one is focused on youth, one is focused on cooperative development.

Once you’ve completed the application and been approved, all that you will have to do is pay for the shipping of the games we send to you. Usually the shipping costs $5 – $11 per game, depending on your location and total number of games. (The cost per game to ship goes down as we send more games.) We’ll get in touch with you ahead of time to give a clear cost of the shipping.

Thanks! We’re excited to get Co-opoly into the hands of folks doing good work in communities around the country.

Please note: The game boxes we send for this give away are slightly damaged, they might have some bumps, blemishes, or cuts. However, all game components will be in full working order and will be undamaged.

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