Fundraising Deadline Extended

We wanted to let you know we’re extending the fundraising deadline for Co-opoly. Because of the storm, we took a break from fundraising this past week and still have a little ways to go to reach our goal.

Now the countdown begins: We have until November 9, just seven days, to raise just 50 more $100 contributions from individual or organizations. Not only will this close the gap in our fundraising for the second printing, but this will also mean we can lower the final price of the game, making it more accessible.

Given how far we’ve already come, we are confident we can reach this goal, but we need your help. If you want to contribute, please click the “donate” button below (even if $100 is too much, whatever amount you can give makes a difference!). Each contribution is eligible for a range of benefits for both individual and organizational contributors.

Also, please help us spread the word about our campaign on Twitter, Facebook, in conversation with your friends and family, with a sticky note posted on the office fridge–everything helps!

We are so close to raising the funds we need to print Co-opoly and we appreciate everything people have already done to support us, both at our fundraising event and by what they’ve given so far. With just seven more days to go, would you help us reach our goal?

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