Free Resource: Winning Debates About Unions and Workers’ Rights

Want to help your students, co-workers, friends, activists, and family members have better conversations about unions and workers’ rights? Well, then this resource that we at the TESA Collective designed is just for you.

Don’t let your argument get drowned out by anti-union rhetoric, come prepared. Our exercise lets you role-play with different scenarios and settings, so you’re ready for any counter-argument, whether from your uncle around the holiday dinner table, on campus, while being interviewed, at a #Fightfor15 rally, and so on.

This interactive role-play will help participants:

  • Speak out about the importance of unions and workers’ rights.
  • Expand knowledge on unions and workers.
  • Understand the arguments of people on the other side of the issue, and be better prepared to respond to them.
Time Needed: 1.5 – 2.5 Hours (or two 45 minute sessions)
Space Needed: A room and chairs
Materials Needed: Would be preferable to have an easel sheet and markers, or a blackboard and chalk, or a computer and a projector.


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