Focusing on the New Economy

Hightower_consultFor the next few months at TESA, we’re going to focus on the new economy, what it means to us, to our colleagues in other fields, and to you.

We’ll be featuring guest blog posts by some great people in the labor movement, food justice work, and the cooperative movement. We’re making a bevy of new resources—ebooks filled with useful tools to help you get the most out of your work, templates, games, and more—most of which will be free, some that will only cost a small fee.

And we’ll be blogging, tweeting, and posting on social media about the new economy—which is a big umbrella, so we won’t be able to tackle every subject that falls under it, but we’ll provide the insights we can, along with some fun activities for you to share with others.

Is there something you’d love to see us talk about or create? Drop us a line! We want to hear from you. Or tweet us @toolboxfored.

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