Feature Your Co-op in Our "Go Co-op" Holiday Video

****Please forward widely!****

Dear fellow cooperators,

We at the Toolbox for Education and Social Action (TESA), makers of Co-opoly: The Game of Cooperatives, are reaching out to invite you to be part of a video series we’re creating  for the holiday season about the great reasons people should buy their gifts from co-ops this year. We want to keep the momentum going from the end of the International Year of Cooperatives, and what better way to do that than by cooperating amongst cooperatives to let people know the great reasons for supporting their local, national, and international co-ops? Let’s band together our cooperative marketing and outreach power!

Our plan is to make a three-minute video featuring a wide range of cooperators sharing, in 10- to 15-second clips, why it is great to buy from co-ops for the holidays. We intend to spread this video far and wide, and hopefully all those that participate will push out the video as well. Your clip could feature someone showing off a new product, or a co-op member talking about the top reason they belong to a co-op, or why now more than ever it’s best to buy co-op, especially during the holiday season. Or, really, any other reason you feel will inspire people to buy from your co-op or the cooperative community.

To contribute, send us your video clip, via email or Dropbox (if you have an account):

  • Maximum 20 seconds long
  • .mov file
  • 1080p (or at the very least 720p)
  • No music in the background
  • Signed release form (download here)
  • Your co-op’s website and/or location (optional)
  • Your co-op’s logo and contact info (optional)
  • Up to three to four sentence description of your co-op (optional, we will embed this in blog posts/outreach materials we use with the video)

We plan to release the video early in December and make a big push then. If you would like to participate, send us your clip by Wednesday, November 28. Also please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions.

We have attached a release form—we will post the video on our YouTube page under the Creative Commons license, so you will have access to use the video as you would like (and we will not hold the rights to your footage, which you can use however you would like, we just want permission to put them into our video).

We would love if you joined our co-op messaging campaign to benefit both your co-op as well as the movement as a whole. Let’s make this holiday season cooperative!

You can send an e-mail to contact AT toolboxfored DOT org to participate!

In cooperation,
The TESA team

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