April 10, 2019

Donate to TESA

TESA is a worker-owned cooperative that creates tools, programs, and games for social and economic change. We both work with other organizations to create resources for their own missions, and we also work in house to create innovative materials in house that we then distribute.

While TESA primarily receives its funds through the sales of our products and in return for our services, we also accept donations from individuals and organizations. TESA creates many free materials and resources that we give away, and we also provide our services to some organizations at a low or no cost. Donating to TESA helps us cover the work for creating the materials we give away for free!

You can choose to make a one time or a reoccurring donation. Thank you! Because of you, we will be able to continue to develop free tools, games, and resources for social and economic change.

Support Our Work

TESA is proud to lead the development of games, tools, and programs for social change. You can support our work while having fun: buy our games about changing the world. TESA can also work with you to build a game, program, or tool for your cause!