Democratic Education for Anti-militarism

Tear Gas CampaignWar Resisters League (WRL), one of the oldest and most prominent anti-war organizations in the United States, approached us this past summer about developing materials and a workshop for their 90th anniversary conference and their nascent anti-Tear Gas campaign.

Thus was born “You Can’t Tear Us Apart: Tear Gas, Militarism, and Global/Local Solidarity,” a 90-minute workshop that will help participants collectively define “militarism,” explore how the Facing Tear Gas campaign may be able to support participants’ political work and how people can participate in solidarity with global movements, and learn more about the social movements and political organizing repressed through the use of tear gas.

Anti-war and anti-militarism is a complex subject that must simultaneously address a variety of issues (capitalism, racism, sexism, and much more) while capturing a wide range of voices. This can be a tall order to deliver in a single workshop, and it’s easy to fall back on the PowerPoint presentation model to try to ensure that everything is covered.

Instead of that, we worked with them to develop a dynamic session to engage participants in these issues and highlight the impact militarism has on their daily lives. We helped them sort through the bevy of resources and accounts they’ve compiled from around the world to create an interactive and compelling workshop.

The best thing about this workshop? You can use it. WRL wanted it to be a resource not just for their internal use, but for individuals and groups seeking to educate and organize around these issues. Check out the workshop and let us know what you think!

Image credit: War Resisters League

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