Crowdfunding Campaigns for Co-ops and Member-Led Organizations

Crowdfunding campaigns can achieve success beyond cash, especially if you put community first.

In this webinar workshop, you’ll learn a campaign approach that starts from the question, “Who is your community? Do they see you as a member?”

Part 1, 50 minutes: The Basics with Danny from Peak Agency

We’ll cover the basics of low-stress, anti-desperate preparation for your crowdfunding campaign, including key exercises to get clear on concept and strategy.

We’ll review and evaluate the use of three types of parallel strategies: organizing an inner circle, mobilizing a wider audience, and hosting events and stunts. Along the way, we’ll also identify elements of a campaign and key criteria for readiness. You’ll gain the skills to prepare a campaign that builds reciprocal relationships around a shared story. Takeaways include:

  • Simplified definition of campaigns as concept + strategy
  • Criteria for campaign readiness, from pledges to materials
  • Three types of parallel strategies for a full campaign trajectory
  • Timelines and tips for running a low-stress, anti-desperate campaign

Part 2, 40 minutes: Ask the Experts

The second half is an interactive Q&A with Danny from Peak Agency and Andrew from TESA. Participants will have the opportunity to ask or share anything for their situation and needs. Danny and Andrew will try their best to address questions and share lessons learned about successful (and less-than-successful) crowdfunding campaigns.

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