Creating a Cooperative Food Economy

Please join Greenfield Community College and the Toolbox for Education and Social Action for our second year of “Creating a Cooperative Food Economy.”

GCC Course
What: Creating a Cooperative Food Economy – AGR 114, is a 1-credit course open to both GCC students and community members. The course explores cooperative member-owned business models (co-ops) and their various forms of democratic ownership with a focus on the local food economy. Students form groups and receive mentorship in creating their own co-op enterprise with the goals of strengthening food security, sustainability, and/or food access. Interactive workshops and guest speakers inform students’ understanding of the local food economy in the Pioneer Valley.


  • Work with cooperative experts and cooperative educators
  • Learn hands on skills in cooperative business development
  • Cultivate democratic meeting and management skills
  • Learn about and participate in the burgeoning cooperative movement
  • Develop your own cooperative and create a plan to move it forward

When: 9/3 – 10/29
Class meets every Tuesday from 6pm – 7:40pm

Where: East Building on Main Campus E129

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