Collective action during the coronavirus pandemic: workers strike to stay safe

When we launched our crowdfunding campaign for STRIKE!: The Game of Worker Rebellion last fall, we had no concept of what the world would look like in the spring of 2020. As we are “sheltering in place” with our loved ones, our everyday needs are being met by workers who are shouldering an extraordinary burden, often with their own personal health and safety at risk.

In the face of this pandemic, a growing number of workers are exercising social solidarity, through collective action and strikes to advance safety, health, and economic justice for all of us.

That’s why for the next week, we will be donating $5 from every one of our games about changing the world that is sold to the amazing Worker Solidarity Fund. This fund, launched by our friends and partners at Jobs with Justice, will benefit workers impacted by COVID-19.

In addition, all of our games are still on sale. We hope this makes them easier to access for people impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Motivated by the collective action of working people

We were motivated to launch this fundraiser by the sweeping and incredible stories of working people using collective action in this time of crisis. Here are a few of the inspiring news stories about how people are striking against governmental mismanagement and corporate greed.   

From NPR: Amazon, Instacart Grocery Delivery Workers Demand Coronavirus Protection And Pay

Some Amazon warehouse workers in Staten Island, N.Y., and Instacart’s grocery delivery workers nationwide walked off their jobs on Monday. They are demanding stepped-up protection and pay as they continue to work while much of the country is asked to isolate as a safeguard against the coronavirus.

From Business Insider: Whole Foods employees across the US plan on calling in sick on Tuesday to demand paid leave for workers as the coronavirus spreads, and they’re joining the ranks of ‘essential’ workers going on strike

Delivery workers and grocery store clerks — who have been deemed essential workers on the frontlines of the coronavirus outbreak — will strike for better working conditions during the pandemic.

Whole Foods employees across the US will call in sick on March 31 to demand paid leave for workers who stay home during the crisis, as well as free coronavirus testing for all employees, according to Vice News reporter Lauren Kaori Gurley.

Whole Foods workers join other “essential” low-wage workers at Instacart and Amazon to strike for better protections against the coronavirus.

From USA Today: Ready for a rent strike? The idea is gaining steam during coronavirus crisis

With millions of people suddenly out of work and rent due at the first of the month, some tenants are vowing to go on a rent strike until the coronavirus pandemic subsides.

New York, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco and St. Louis are among many cities that have temporarily banned evictions, but advocates for the strike are demanding that rent payments be waived, not delayed, for those in need during the crisis. The rent strike idea has taken root in parts of North America and as far away as London.

Play Games, Support Workers

Although we could not have foreseen a pandemic, it is exactly these types of actions, combined with our love of playing games, that inspired us to develop Rise Up, Co-opoly,  Space Cats Fight Fascism, and our newest game, STRIKE!, which we made in collaboration with Jobs with Justice

We want to give you a chance to enjoy one or more of our games and to contribute to supporting the workers who are supporting us with essential work. That’s why all of our games continue to be on sale, and for the next week, $5 from every game sold will go to benefit the Worker Solidarity Fund being launched by our friends and partners at Jobs with Justice.

Already got the TESA games you want? You can also directly contribute to the Worker Solidarity Fund here.

After all, mutual aid and solidarity are our only ways out of this crisis.

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