"Co-opoly is a dream come true."

We have some fantastic photos and a testimonial that have come in from Canada. The testimonial comes from Donna Balkan, a long-time cooperative and board game enthusiast.

As both a co-operator and a long-time player and collector of board games, Co-opoly is a dream come true. Educational games have a tendency to be long on learning and short on playability, but Co-opoly is a wonderful exception, combining the real-life challenges and opportunities co-ops face with solid game play. The Work cards, which require you to draw, act out a charade or describe a specific word or phrase, give Co-opoly a party game feel, while the roll-and-move mechanics make the game easy for players at all skill levels to learn. Like co-ops themselves, Co-opoly combines principle and practice: an appropriate initiative for the International Year of Co-operatives and beyond.

– Donna Balkan, Communications Manager, Canadian Co-operative Association.

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