Co-opoly has a "great healing power"

Below is a wonderful and moving testimonial about Co-opoly from Chikeola Karimou, someone that just recently discovered Co-opoly:

Co-opoly!  You people are simply awesome geniuses… I am new to the game and my mind is still all jazzed up about the brilliancy of it: it is clever, fun, informative and so engaging; but here is the part I am sure even you the people who created it did not think about: its great healing power!… Sitting around the game, taking on characters, becoming those characters, seeing the similarities with lives around us, being challenged to bring forward different reactions than what we are used to…what can I say, it is emotional, makes your mind think collaboratively instead of competitively, gets your body to move and opens your heart, all of this while bonding with fellow humans around food and a glass of wine or champagne!  How wonderful.

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