Co-opoly and Communities of Faith

Advance Memphis QuoteCo-opoly brings neighbors and nonprofits together to empower communities of faith!

We’ve heard from people at several faith-based organizations who are excited about Co-opoly and how it furthers their work for justice. Last week, the UUSC: Unitarian Universalist Service Committee brought the game to their General Assembly to encourage religious educators to put Co-opoly to use in their congregations.

In addition, Advance Memphis, a faith-based workforce development and training center in Memphis, Tennessee, told us they love Co-opoly and use it in their innovative local economic development strategy. Check out their report on how to use worker co-ops to build a new economy.

While Co-opoly is a secular game, we’re inspired by the work that the UUs and Advance Memphis are doing around community organizing, and we love how they’ve used Co-opoly.

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