Celebrate Co-opoly’s Half-Birthday with Us! (And get presents!)

Friends, this week is the six-month anniversary of Co-opoly: The Game of Cooperatives’ launch. We want to celebrate this special milestone by giving you presents!

What an amazing journey it has been. Co-opoly has come so far in the first six months. We have sold more than 600 games in more than 20 countries. Co-opoly has been played in homes, workplaces, schools, community centers, after school programs, organizing spaces, and more. It is safe to say that Co-opoly has reached thousands of people of all ages, walks of life, and in different places around the world. It’s amazing to think about how only six months ago we were scrambling, sweating, and working non-stop to assemble the hundreds of thousands of moving parts that comprise the many games we have mailed out across the globe. And what a wonderful six months it has been: our assembly line has gone from an emptied apartment to having its own room within the TESA office; Co-opoly has been featured by more than a dozen media outlets; TESA has just doubled in size; and wow, are we really learning how to wrap games for shipping! So join us in celebrating Co-opoly’s six-month anniversary.

This week, from Monday (May 28) through Friday (June 1), we will be looking back on how Co-opoly got started and how far it has come. Our reflections will include photo galleries, videos, and more—which you can follow on our blog, Facebook, and Twitter. Furthermore, as a thank you for your continued support, we will be offering two special and exciting Co-opoly packages that you can purchase for this week only (May 28—June 1).

  • Party and Community Pack: You have the option to receive two Co-opoly’s, two “10 Reasons Co-ops Rock” posters; a digital “Community and Party Pack” for utilizing Co-opoly in social gatherings; and 10 beautifully designed “Co-opoly Party” invitation post cards – all for only $60! Go to our online store to purchase the Party Pack!
  • Education Pack: You have the option to buy a Co-opoly with ten “What Is a Co-op?” zines (16 pages, fun, and accessible); two “10 Reasons Co-ops Rock” posters; and receive an e-mail with three educational workshops that guide you in using Co-opoly in schools and other places of learning. This is all available for a sliding scale of between $40 – $55. Go to our online store to purchase the Education Pack!

Finally, with the purchase of each of these packs and Co-opoly in general, you have the option to buy one additional game for $25. We look forward to celebrating this anniversary with you! Thank you for a wonderful six months. Here’s to another six.

The TESA and Co-opoly team

(P.S. You can always contribute to a fund that allows us to give Co-opoly away for free to schools, community groups, and organizations.)


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