Can a game be fun while being true to life? New testimonial about Co-opoly.

A new, great testimonial from two students who were unsure if a game could be both extremely fun and a learning experience:

Co-opoly is a great game! Admittedly, we were a bit skeptical at first about how fun it would be since it’s intended to be educational. However, once we began playing, it immediately proved to be very enjoyable. It has a lighthearted and social quality that you expect from a game, but also raises real life situations and encourages the players to think about how business and economy work. It incorporates both the positive opportunities and resources that arise for individuals and the entire co-op, as well as presenting everyday challenges that individuals and the co-op are sure to encounter. This helps put into perspective the difficulties of running a co-op, as well as illustrating the huge benefits it can offer. There are always several options provided for how to use the resources or deal with the challenges, and since the game is inherently collaborative, those decisions are always made as a group. Co-opoly is a multilayered game that was clearly very well thought out, but it is not overly complicated. As a first time player, it only takes a few minutes to pick up on the rules. Also, it incorporates other games throughout, such as charades, drawing, and unspoken, which keeps it playful and more accessible for anyone who knows those games. It’s just really fun and totally worth buying!

-Liz McGourty and Gillian Cannon, students at Hampshire College


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