Five Recent Labor Struggles You Should Know About

Ever since the dawn of modern labor, there have been labor struggles. Take, for example, the wage cut protests of female mill workers in 1834, the 1877 uprising of Irish-American coal miners that resulted in 19 hangings, or the many workplace accidents that led up to the 1970 development of the Occupational Safety and Health[…]

Engaging Your Radical Imagination with Game Changer: The Game of Activist Tactics

Our latest game, Game Changer, was designed by Felicia Perez, former high school history teacher and current community organizer, author, public speaker, activist, and educator.  Thanks to her passion for building the concept of community organizing and power, this past year she collaborated with us at The TESA Collective and the organization she was previously[…]

How Athletes Use Their Platform to Fight for Social Change

It’s time for the Olympics, which is always exciting. But let’s be honest: while the Olympic Games are fun for us spectators, it is a seriously troublesome industry – from the the human displacement it causes in the cities that hold the games; the inequities showcased during the event; the sexist policies of the IOC;[…]

Six principles for creating online trainings that inspire in-person action

TESA has been working with organizations to develop participatory and engaging online trainings for over six years. We’ve collaborated with with wonderful groups such as Equal Exchange, the Center for Family Life in Sunset Park, the Carolina Common Enterprise (CCE), and others. Yet, with the arrival of COVID-19, this work became even more urgent, as so much organizing, training, meetings, and day-to-day work have necessarily moved online. Still, with all of our work, our goal is to inspire in-person action.

Building worker power and solidarity in the face of the pandemic

But this critical moment has not gone unchallenged: organizations and unions have launched innovative programs, funds, and campaigns to build power and security for workers. Below are some of the most inspirational, powerful, and useful initiatives to come out of the past year.

TESA's year in review: people packing boxes, compost co-op loading dirt into a truck, and STRIKE! the game of worker rebellion.

Well, that happened! Reflections on our achievements despite a pandemic year

If you’re like us, over the past 11 months of this pandemic, time has kind of warped together into a weird mishmash that’s a little hard to sort out. So we decided to take a moment to proactively reflect on the past year of our work, and while doing so, we found we’re incredibly proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish despite everything. While we know we’re not out of the pandemic woods yet, it felt like a good time to look back and share some highlights of our achievements.