Announcing our new blog series: Popular Education Methods


A TESA-run popular education workshop.

TESA is excited to announce our new Popular Education Methods blog series. The Methods blog will be a space to explore and discuss all things education. As the name implies, we will be focusing on concrete methods, techniques, and strategies to improve facilitation, design, and teaching skills – based on our years of using popular education within a wide range of movements. Certainly, we will not be limited to these topics, and we are also looking forward to discussing everything from books, politics, and movies to movements, events, and conferences that pique our educational interests.

We really hope this blog can be a conversation with you, and we definitely encourage commenting, sending questions, and requesting topics for discussion. In that spirit, we have compiled some questions and topics that come up often in our work that we will be exploring sooner rather than later. Let us know if you have any other burning questions or topics for discussion!

  • What is popular education and why use it?
  • Tools for building trust
  • Icebreaker ideas
  • Why an outro is so important to a successful workshop
  • Steps to create a more democratic classroom
  • Activities to include all different learning types
  • Learning to step back as a facilitator – the 70/30 rule
  • Great resource websites we use

We are excited to start this conversation with you. Now, we’ll leave you with this quote from Paulo Freire, one of popular education’s most influential figures:

“Liberatory education is fundamentally a situation where the teacher and the students both have to be learners, both have to be cognitive subjects, in spite of being different. This for me is the first test of liberating education, for teachers and students both to be critical agents in the act of knowing”
A Pedagogy for Liberation: Dialogues on Transforming Education


Another TESA-run popular education workshop.

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