A Week in the Life of TESA

"10 Reasons Co-ops Rock" poster “10 Reasons Co-ops Rock” poster

This has been a busy but incredibly exciting week–we’ve been published in Shareable and Truthout, our fundraising campaign is picking up support from all over, and we’ve updated our website (which you probably noticed already).

Our article in Shareable lays out our plans for funding, making, and distributing Co-opoly 2.0, which is distinct from any other game we know about. Our approach is about turning to our community, instead of to banks, to create this cooperative resource. Though we’re the ones putting the games together and shipping them out, Co-opoly is about more than just us. And one of the most important things to us is that it continues embodying the spirit of the cooperative movement.

In Truthout, an amazing progressive publication, we wrote an op-ed based on our “10 Reasons Co-ops Rock” poster. To keep it at a respectable word limit, we had to focus on just five of those ten reasons, but we packed as much information in as we could about how co-ops are the solution to the economic problems we’re facing around the world.

In the midst of all this writing, we have also been doing a lot of outreach in our fundraising efforts and there is still lots more to do! Several individuals have made tax-deductible contributions and we so appreciate their support. To say thank you and show our gratitude, we created a list of benefits for individuals who support the campaign.

Finally, we’ve revamped our website–our old Co-opoly website has now been wrapped into TESA’s site, which will help bring all of our products and services under one umbrella, so to speak. We have a new online store that is faster and easier to use than the old system. We’ve also prioritized News & Events so that we can keep you better updated on what’s going on here at TESA. We hope these improvements will make your virtual visits that much more fun!

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