A BIPOC Farm Co-op Grows with TESA Collective’s Support

TESA is very excited to have joined the relaunched US Federation of Worker Cooperatives’ Co-op Clinic, which provides technical assistance through its network of peer advisors to co-ops across the US.

Two dark-skinned people stand close together, smiling, one with the arm around the other’s shoulders. The person on the left wears a blue button-up, a white apron with orange straps, and a pageboy cap, and has a salt-and-pepper beard. The person on the right has long auburn braids, an orange long-sleeved shirt, and a green apron on. They stand in front of an outdoor farm stand with colorful fruits and vegetables behind them.

Our first project as a technical assistance provider for the clinic is in support of the Ujamaa Cooperative Farming Alliance. Ujamaa is a BIPOC-led farming collective focused on increasing diversity in farming in general, and more specifically in the seed industry. TESA’s role is to work with Ujamaa to develop their multi-stakeholder co-op structure and governance system as well as their business plan. What an awesome project!

We have been working with Ujamaa since last September and it has been such an energizing learning experience. Working together to organize their different stakeholder and membership groups as well as building out the corresponding business plan has been like working on a joyfully complex puzzle with a group of inspiring and genius organizers and farmers.

If you have a garden and want to support Ujamaa, you should check out their seeds!

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