2022 holiday game and gift guide for activists!

Have an activist in your life? Maybe they are a lifelong organizer, or recent events have lit a new fire under them? Either way, our Holiday Gift Guide for Activists (below) can help you find something special for the people who mean the most to you: from board games to apparel and puzzles. Plus – almost everything is discounted! 

Whether you’re looking for something ethically made, or something that reflects someone’s desire to make the world a better place, TESA Collective’s got you covered when it comes to meaningful gift-giving.

Read on to see our 2022 holiday gift guide, and find something that fits your activist friend or loved one just right.

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Give the gift of activist game nights!

  • Space Cats Fight Fascism is purrrfect for just about any person who likes games and wants to fight for a better world (or galaxy). Bonus points if they’re super into cats.  
  • Co-opoly: The Game of Cooperatives is great for people looking for family friendly game nights!
  • STRIKE! The Game of Worker Rebellion is the game by, for, and about the labor movement. Any union organizer or labor advocate would love it. 
  • Community Garden is our newest game (and one of my favorites that we’ve put out). It’s a wonderful gift for anyone imagining warmer, sunnier days planting veggies and cultivating community. 
  • Rise Up: The Game of People & Power is a fun story-telling board game with two versions in the box: one for game nights and the other for workshops or kids.

You can also snag our Games Bundle – which comes with three games! 

Stocking stuffers for rabble rousers

A box of cards sits on a light-colored wooden table. To the right are laid out five colorful cards with different images and text on them.

T-shirts for the stylist change makers

Puzzles for the introspective advocates

  • Our Rise Up board game also features beautiful illustrations; and we thought the Art is A Hammer piece particularly made an inspiring puzzle. 
  • Our Towards a Sustainable Future puzzle is perfect for those that want to sit back, relax, and imagine a more sustainable world. 

For parents raising good trouble makers

A gift card for the self-determined

Sometimes, knowing what the activists and change-makers in our lives want is hard to pin down (and that’s one of the things that makes them special). Now, you can get them a gift card so they can choose their favorite games, apparel, or puzzles in our store.

Support Our Work

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