We're Documenting Economic Democracy with GRITtv

gWhile the economic democracy movement has been expanding, the mainstream media have not kept up. Workplace democracy is no easy task, and many of those looking to make change simply do not have access to the information they need. That’s why we’ve started working with the intrepid journalists at GRITtv to document the movement by interviewing the frontline activists who are fighting for a new economy. This film will be a vital tool to help create a new economy by designing better policies and starting new co-ops.


Teaching How to Resist War—Our Partnership with War Resisters League

BEHIND-THE-PROJECTOur Behind the Project series will give you the scoop about our work. We want to show you what we do and how we do it. We’re proud of our work, inspired by the work our partners do, and we’re committed to transparency as an organization. You’ll get an inside look at what we do and the kinds of projects we can do with you.

The War Resisters League (WRL) has been resisting war at home and war abroad since 1923. Today, as one of the leading radical voices in the antiwar movement, they challenge military recruitment and war profiteering, organize nonviolent direct action, and offer on-the-ground tools to end the current war and all wars.

We worked with WRL to update, develop, and overhaul curriculum, infographics, and interactive activities for WRL’s Tax Day Flyer and nascent Anti-Tear Gas Campaign. Working with WRL facilitators, organizers, and researchers, TESA was able to provide an in-depth and interactive curriculum to be used in correlation with WRL’s yearly tax day activism, and as a gateway workshop to their expanding Anti-Tear Gas Campaign.

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