How We Helped Launch 8 Co-ops (and Built an International Education Platform) with the Cooperative Development Institute


Remember VH1’s Behind the Music series? We didn’t realize, but it’s still on the air. The channel gives you an all-access pass to the celebrity artists of the day. You can hear how Ludacris used to be an intern, or about Carrie Underwood’s search for love.

We’ve been inspired to riff off that idea and so we’re launching a new series here about the whys, hows, and whats behind the work we do.

We won’t get personal—no love life stories, don’t worry—but our Behind the Project series will give you the scoop about TESA’s work. We want to show you what we do and how we do it. We’re proud of our work, inspired by the work our partners do, and we’re committed to transparency as an organization. You’ll get an inside look at what we do and the kinds of projects we can do with you.

Inspired? Get in touch—we’d love to work with you, too!